Meet the team

Rebecca Ellis – Owner & Managing Director of Lilys Flowers

I love my work and the team around me, they are amazing!

Working in floristry is just creating beautiful pieces of art and the medium is flowers, anything is possible especially when you feel so passionate about what you do.

Frankie Rogers – Office Manager

I run the office at Lilys and I really enjoy every aspect of my job. Every day is different here and that is what I love about it.

It’s great meeting all the brides and their families and I look forward to seeing all the different flowers that come into the studio. I am constantly amazed at what the girls can do with them!

Aoife Hewett – Contracts Manager

After many years of working in floristry retail, Ive always craved working within the hotel industry of flowers. I love creating beautiful and innovitive designs to meet the clients needs.

Working at Lilys has given me the chance to bring these designs to life!

Victoria Vigar – Wedding Manager

I help to plan all aspects of our weddings from meeting with the brides at initial consultation, ordering flowers for the big day through to logistics on the day.

We have the pleasure of working with some beautiful blooms throughout the year which makes every day a treat!

Lisa Davdison – Workshop Manager

I work closely with the team arranging our weekly contracts and working on many of the amazing weddings and events that we do. I love playing my part in making Lilys vision a reality, making dreams come true! I’m known for my attention to detail, making sure everything looks perfect. I love working at Lily’s, it’s such a creative place, with a lovely atmosphere and we have the best team – it’s like a family!

Lindsey Gordon – Florist

I am lucky enough to have a fulfilling career doing a job I love - working with flowers!

Being a member of a fun and talented team at Lilys allows me to continue this creative passion with wonderful and varied displays that we make.

Sara Ellis – Florist

I have always had a love of flowers passed down from my dear mum.

I feel very fortunate to be working with the dynamic and creative team that is lilys.

I look forward to coming in to see the ever changing flowers and exciting challenges ahead of the day.

Humaira Chinoy – Florist

Ive been working at Lilys for three years now and I love being part of this amazing and dynamic team!

One of my favorite aspects of my job is when we have onsite installations for weddings.

It feels great to be part of someones special day and to make their dreams a reality!

Julia Curnow – Florist

I'm new to Lily's but already feel part of the team, all of the girls are fantastic fun and amazing florists!

One of my favourite flowers is the bright pink Narine, I really love the way they open and they look gorgeous in bouquets.


Nutmeg, a Cocker Spaniel, is our lovely mascot! She hangs out with us in the workshop and observes all the happenings of the day.

Sleeping in the sunshine and getting a passing pat on the head is her favourite activity, along with chewing the odd rose! She is very loved and we wouldn’t get anything done without her!


Here are a few images of the team working in the studio at Lilys Flowers.

We hope you enjoy seeing us at work!